52 Healing Habits

Morning Power Drink

Do you know what Bo Sanchez drinks first thing in the morning? It’s what Bro. Bo calls his “morning power drink” and he learned it after being inspired by his health mentor (who hasn’t gotten sick in the past 24 years).

Are you curious and eager to find out what this is?

First of all, relax and try to setting aside any preconceived notions about breakfast or your stomach.

For example, Bo Sanchez has been a vegetarian for around 18 years now, and it is easy to assume that his health is excellent. However, there is something more you can do to improve your health, because Bro. Bo met a health mentor who has never been sick for almost a quarter of a century!

So, what is Bro. Bo’s Power Drink of Choice?

It’s none other than the Calamansi (small citrus fruit).

Bo Sanchez drinks freshly squeezed calamansi (from 28 calamansi) every day, first thing in the morning.

This is pure. No added water. No added sugar.

Will your tummy become acidic?

No, it won’t. Please make sure you’re using pure calamansi. Please do not add water or sugar, and please refrain from eating/drinking anything else for one (1) hour after taking your morning power drink.

Isn’t 28 pieces of calamansi too much?

Start with 4. Then go with 8, and so on, until you gradually reach 28 pieces of calamansi.

How can this be?

Yes, it’s so amazing. How can you drink pure calamansi and still not get acidic?

Also, after one hour, what exactly should you take for breakfast to help you achieve maximum health?

Bo Sanchez gives the explanation inside the 52 Healing Habits…